Paul Rice


Christine Hickinbottom (Matthew Woolfall-Jones) is inspired after hearing spiritual leader Dr. Love (Liam Jackson Montgomery) at his seminar. Tired with the mundanity of life she decides to take life into her own hands and waits for him by the stage door. What happens next requires Christine to contemplate a proposition that could change her life forever.

What will Christine do when faced with a whiffy ultimatum? Will she sniff out the truth? Or will she smell what fate has to expel? Those who dare never doubt, and those who care may lose their SNOUT.

Festivals: Another Hole in the Head (Official Selection), Festival of the Moving Image (Official Selection), London-Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival (Special Mention)

Original Story: Liam Jackson Montgomery

Directed: Paul Rice and Liam Jackson Montgomery

Starring: Liam Jackson Montgomery, Matthew Woolfall Jones, Kate Montgomery and Paul Rice